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Welcome to Protea Health Coaching

My name is Gabrielle Lee and I am a passionate Health Coach who supports and empowers people to make their own health transformation. I will help you build healthy habits that align with how you want to feel every day.


Navigating my own health issues has led to my holistic approach to health and prevention. Through my own lived experience and studies, I have witnessed first-hand the powerful impact our lifestyle choices can have on our health and wellbeing.


As a specialist health coach, I can assist you with nutrition, stress management and sleep. I will work alongside you to set achievable goals, and to encourage positive action, that will bring you closer to the changes you want to see in your health and wellness.


Let’s start your transformation together. 

Pen, notebook, and smartphone on the table
Cup of Coffee
Online Meditation

A one off session to help you regain focus on your goals and take action

Book in a free discovery session where you can find out more about me and health coaching.

We will work together over 6 sessions to refine your goals and move towards your transformation

Services Provided

Arlene , Brisbane

"...With your coaching I have become healthier, I have managed to form positive and realistic goals for myself and live a healthier life through my own choices. As a result of my new enthusiasm as you would know, I have lost around 25 kilos with your help and encouragement.   Thank you! I found you to be so calming, positive and encouraging.  Your work ethic is amazing and I always felt that "I could do it" I felt "empowered" with you coaching me. I enjoy my days now with less stress, less aches and pains and just feel happy.  I look forward to continuing my coaching with you, thank you again. ..."


"In short, health coaches are expert facilitators of mindset and behaviour change that generates sustainable healthy lifestyles to prevent and treat disease and foster well-being and thriving." 

Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine 

We all have different needs and versions of health, coaching is a way to explore what you really want and begin the process of working towards it. 

What does your healthiest self look like? What steps do you need to take to get there?

pink and green flower petals_edited.jpg

MEANING: To have the courage to change, to begin a transformation, living the life you really want. 

A protea flower is a symbol for transformation. Coaching is a process of personal transformation towards a life that aligns with your core values and health desires. 



I believe that everyone has the ability to live their best life and make the changes they truly desire. If you have any questions regarding my services - don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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