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Pillars of Health

As a certified PREKURE Health Coach I am trained in the latest research surrounding the pillars of health - nutrition, stress management, sleep, relationship and exercise. During our coaching sessions we can explore what this might look like for you and start to discover the main areas you'd like to see change. 

Healthy Food

Food is Medicine, when it comes to nutrition there is no one size fits all. 

A key to a healthy life is ensuring we are eating whole foods that are right for our own bodies and needs. The latest research makes it very clear that processed foods are impacting our health and we need to limit these in our diets.  I believe tuning into your own body is empowering and an important way to see change. Over the past 6 years I have explored, trained and studied intermittent fasting, keto, low carb and paleo ways of eating for health outcomes. Throughout this time it has become clear that we need to listen to our bodies and what does and doesn't work for our bodies. 
As a health coach, I can help guide you towards your own individual goals and needs. 

Stress Management

What if we accepted our stressors and  started looking at effective ways to manage them so that they don't rule our emotions and feelings?

Need some strategies to assist with managing your stress? As a coach, I can help you tap into what is important and how you can work towards managing your stress on a day to day bases. 

As a coach, I use a technique called ACT which looks at different ways to accept and take positive action towards the way you want to feel. I can assist with mindfulness, breathing techniques and exercise to manage your stress. 

Sleeping with Eye Mask

Sleep is a key factor in our health.

Often an overlooked part of our health. Sleep has a deep connection to growth, healing and regulating our emotions. With more and more distractions around, the quality of people's sleep is becoming a major problem and contributor to our health problems. 

As a coach, I can assist you with your sleeping habits and sleeping environment, helping you with more quality sleep and an improved circadian rhythm. 

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